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IRI data movement and manipulation software is also tested and available on SAP HANA!


From inside their common, free Eclipse job design IDE, IRI Workbench, these IRI software products all support HANA databases -- on-premise or in the cloud -- using JDBC and ODBC drivers, or flat file extracts and imports:

  • IRI Voracity - the total data management platform for data discovery, integration, migration, governance and analytics. Voracity also includes IRI CoSort, NextForm, FieldShield, DarkShield and RowGen:
  • IRI CoSort - for fast, pre-sorted loads into HANA as well as external data transformations and reports (faster than SQL)
  • IRI NextForm - for the migration of data in columns into and out of SAP HANA and other data sources
  • IRI FieldShield - for the classification, discovery, and anonymization (static/dynamic data masking) of PII in HANA tables
  • IRI DarkShield - for the classification, discovery, and static data masking of floating PII in HANA colums
  • IRI RowGen - for the creation and population of safe, referentially correct HANA table test data generated from scratch

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