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All the Test Data You Need

IRI RowGen generates rows ... billions of rows of safe, intelligent test data in database, flat-file, and formatted report targets ... using metadata, not data.

RowGen synthesizes and populates accurate, relational test data with the same characteristics of production data. RowGen uses the metadata you already have (or create on the fly) to randomly generate structurally and referentially correct test data, and/or randomly select data from real sets.

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RowGen lets you customize data formats, volumes, ranges, distributions, and other properties on the fly or with re-usable rules that support major goals like application testing and subsetting. RowGen uses the IRI CoSort engine to deliver the fastest generation, transformation, and bulk-load movement of big test data on the market.

RowGen was designed by data modeling, integration, and processing experts to save time and energy in the creation of perfect, compliant test sets in production and custom formats. 

With IRI RowGen, you can produce safe, smart, synthetic test data for: DevOps, DB, DV, and DW prototypes, demonstrations, application stress-testing, and benchmarking -- all without needing production data.

How RowGen Works

RowGen is available as a standalone product, in a bundle with other IRI Data Manager suite products, or inside your IRI Voracity data management platform subscription. RowGen combines a powerful Eclipse™ IDE called IRI Workbench for graphical job design with popular, self-documenting 4GL job scripts that you can modify and run anywhere.

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And in Voracity, RowGen works in the same pane-of-glass, leverages data discovery (profiling, search, classification, and modeling) wizards, and shares the same metadata and workflow infrastructure with (IRI FieldShield) data masking and DB subsetting tasks.

To build RowGen synthetic test data generation (and population) jobs, use the automatic script (and diagram) creation wizards in the GUI, or create them by hand Connect to your databases and metadata you need to create, transform, and format test data in the table, file, and report layouts you want. Using the dialogs and syntax of RowGen, you can automatically create and easily customize test data that is realistic in appearance, content, relationships, distributions, and volume.

Combine randomly generated fields with randomly selected real data. Define custom field and row layouts if you need to. Specify rows per target, null percentages, and cross-table generation rules.

Easily modify, save, and re-use your job scripts in Eclipse or any text editor. Run the jobs from the GUI, the command line, in batch, or from any application. Produce an audit trail in XML format -- which includes all job metadata -- to help you track project lineage and verify compliance with data privacy regulations. Automate your tasks using the built in jobs scheduler, or your own, and create test-data on demand in your own way or through platforms like the Test Automation Framework (TAF / UTMS) from ValueLabs.

What Sets RowGen Apart?

With RowGen, you can leverage the metadata you have and customize everything you need to:

  • successfully develop and stress-test new applications
  • test operational database and query scenarios
  • prototype DW ETL/ELT jobs, Data Vault models, and DB migrations
  • safely share or outsource data samples without NDAs
  • benchmark new hardware and software performance

RowGen creates synthetic data with the right types, record formats, value ranges, row volumes, and inter-table relationships. RowGen lets you build all the good data, bad data, and null data you need quickly and easily.

RowGen is the fastest and most versatile test data generation and management software available. With RowGen, you can build an entire test database with referential integrity in one operation -- without production data. With RowGen, you can also synthesize realistic test data in custom file and report formats.

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