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The Biggest Challenges in Data Integration



Most data integration jobs are performed in legacy ETL or ELT tools that rely on compiled Java programs or inefficient in-DB transforms. Job design and execution time suffer. So do all the downstream queries and applications that depend on those jobs.

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Hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months are spent building and supporting jobs in legacy ETL tools. Multiple users and licenses add costs quickly, and dominate project budgets. SMBs are stuck with open source tools that cannot perform.

The Affordable Alternative


Long consulting contracts are needed to map new and unclean data sets in old ETL tools or bolt on third-party engines to speed them up. Many ETL tools cannot easily discover, trace, govern, or federate data, and their metadata is cryptic or hidden.

5 Simpler Approaches
Common Responses and Results
  • Procrastinating - chancing SLAs on slow ETL tools because too much was spent
  • Betting - on complex Hadoop code, NoSQL or columnar DBs, or ELT appliances
  • Partitioning - transforming data in multiple chunks or stages (versus one step)
  • Outsourcing - using programs written or maintained by turnover-fraught BPOs
  • iPaaS in the Cloud - adding security and bandwidth concerns to functional ones

Real World Solutions

IRI Voracity is an end-to-end data life-cycle management platform powered by decades-proven performance technology that addresses the speed, cost and complexity issues in the data integration market. Use Voracity in greenfield projects, or to accelerate or replace existing ETL tools:



job design in an ergonomic Eclipse™ IDE.




your legacy ETL tool without replacing it.

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your overpriced ETL vendor, automatically.


Voracity is not only ideal for fast, affordable ETL operations. It is a future-proof solution stack for multiple data management use cases involving structured, semi-structured, and unstructured sources.

The Voracity Edge

Voracity uniquely combines the seamlessly interchangeable power of IRI CoSort and Hadoop engines with multiple job design and deployment options in Eclipse™. In fact, Voracity has more job design, deployment, and licensing options than any other data integration tool.

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