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IRIWorkbench provides a robust visual interface and ergonomic modules to design and run all IRIsoftware. In this graphical IDE built on Eclipse, you build, modify, share, and execute the simple, portable job scripts of IRItools, and the state-of-the-art, portable workflows of the new IRI Voracity platform.

Job scripts for all IRIproducts (except FACT, CellShieldand the DarkShieldAPI) are based on the IRI CoSortSort Control Language (SortCL) program. SortCLis a fourth-generation language (4GL) designed to be self-documenting for English readers. But with IRIWorkbench, you do not have to learn the language.


Design Options

Graphical job and metadata creation wizards generate the scripts automatically, and display them in a color-coded, syntax-aware editor supported by a dynamic outline and linked through right-click menu dialogs or diagrams for visual job modification and field mapping, etc.

 Learn about the new job wizards, and other product-specific facilities in IRIWorkbench here:

If you like scripting, you can use your own word processor or the syntax-aware editor in IRIWorkbench to write, modify, and validate your parameters. Changes in the scripts are reflected dynamically in the job outline, the GUI dialogs, broader job flow (project) metadata, and mapping diagrams.

There are a number of places you can make changes that will propagate automatically or with a couple clicks.

Importantly, your job artifacts (rules, .scljob scripts, .sql, etc.) are saved in folders (no database required), and can be searched and compared with built-in Eclipse features. And, you can manage and share this metadata in repositories like Git for security, version control, etc. (learn more here).


Deployment Options

You can run jobs you create in IRIWorkbench directly through the GUI on your local or remote system(s), or from any command line, batch script, 3GL application, CI/CD (DevOps) pipeline, or workflow automation (job scheduling) environment.

Premium Voracity users with data in HDFScan also run many of the same jobs seamlessly in MapReduce2, Spark, Spark Stream, Storm, or Tez... so you do not need to learn Hadooplanguages, either!

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