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Your systems are complex, your production and presentation windows are collapsing under the weight of big data, and you need auditable, precision protections for data at risk.

Are you looking for a tool you can plug into your high-volume operations to speed transforms, migrate data or databases, create role-based access controls for PII, PHI or other sensitive data, and produce faster reports? How about a high-performance utility that will filter, integrate, and stage massive datasets (files) for databases, ETL and BI tool populations?

Does your staff use SQL procedures, shell scripts, or custom programs to manage your data? Do you have performance, security, auditing, maintenance, or cost issues with your current tools or applications? If so, IRI's total data management platform Voracity, or subset CoSort product, can be a big help, or a better alternative.

Want to bend the ETL megavendor cost curve? Automatically re-platform Informatica, DataStage, Ab Initio, et al. Voracity uses the original ETL engine (CoSort) or Hadoop. Run up to 10X faster and pay up to 5x less.

Use the Sort Control Language (SortCL) program in Voracity or CoSort -- along with the IRI Workbench GUI built on Eclipse supporting both -- to perform, speed, and consolidate all these heretofore separate activities:

  • Data Transformation
  • Data Warehouse Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • DB Migration
  • DB Unload, Load, Refresh & Reorg
  • Third-Party Sort Tool Replacement
  • Batch, Summary, Delta Reporting
  • Field Encryption & Masking
  • Test Data Generation
  • Metadata and Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Validation & Auditing

IRI software can reduce the complexity, inefficiency, risk, and expense associated with many of the products and processes you currently use. Or it can replace them with a single platform.

Please browse the Solution and Product sections of this web site and use its Search, FAQ, Live Chat, or Page Feedback features to get faster answers. 

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