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In your capacity as an IRI software developer, you will design, develop, improve, and support high performance utility programs, API and field-level routines, Eclipse GUI modules, and third-party application integrations for both end-users and programmer customers using Unix and Windows.

You must be fluent in Java, C, and/or C++, or its derivatives, have a BS/MS in Computer Science and have proven experience in at least two of the following discipline (please list):

  • Unix internals and system libraries
  • MapReduce, Hive, HDFS
  • Storm or other real-time data processing system
  • SMP, MPP, multi-threading, and/or load-balancing architectures
  • I/O optimization and memory-management techniques
  • ETL workflow and/or report design through third-party BI tools in Eclipse
  • network communications (including client/server and web services
  • data architecture, and particularly in DW/ODS ETL/ELT, BI/analytic settings
  • Other 3GLs, including COBOL, C#, .NET
  • SQL and legacy databases, including Oracle
  • in-situ encryption and/or DB-procedure integration
  • NoSQL and/or in-memory databases
  • WSO2 ESB, JSON, REST and related protocols
  • Freemarker, lex/yacc, and metadata conversion generally

Submit a thoughtful cover letter and on-point resume to in order to be considered. Please note that the position described above may not be open at the time of your application. In that case, IRI will keep your information on confidential hold and notify you in the event of an opening.

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