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This page highlights the migration of legacy tools to the IRI CoSort data manipulation package or IRI Voracity data management platform. Those products, along with various editions of IRI NextForm, also support the migration of legacy data. If you are interested in converting data types, file formats, or database tables, click here. 

Need More Speed?

The IRI CoSort data manipulation package and IRI Voracity data management platform (powered by CoSort) can dramatically accelerate data delivery and mask data at risk in multiple database, DW ETL, and BI/analytic products. Click on the tool(s) you use below to see how much faster you can create information and security:

BI Tool Data Preparation

Analytic Tool Data Wrangling

DB Load/Query Acceleration

CoSort also has a long history of speeding offline database reorgs, and replacing SAS Proc Sort, Software AG Natural, and COBOL and other legacy sort programs -- wherever big data jobs need more sorting or data transformation speed.

Want to Leave?

If your sort or ETL tool costs too much, is too hard to maintain, and/or runs too slow, you may decide that migrating to a modern alternative makes sense -- but is that technically and financially feasible?

For decades, CoSort has helped move users off of legacy sort tools from IBM, SyncSort, Micro Focus COBOL and others. See this section for more information.

Today, you can also automatically convert most legacy ETL tool mappings to faster, equivalent ETL jobs running in the IRI Voracity data management platform. Voracity is an affordable, full-stack data integration and data lifecycle management solution environment that offers unmatched data movement and manipulation speed, and a huge range of compatible data discovery, migration, governance, and analytic functionality in the same Eclipse pane of glass.

Voracity metadata is API-compatible with Erwin (formerly AnalytiX DS) Mapping Manager and LiteSpeed Conversion technologies. Use this proven combination of software and services to accurately migrate legacy mappings to Voracity from: 

  • Ab Initio
  • IBM DataStage
  • InformaticaPowerCenter
  • Microsoft SSIS
  • Talend
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Pentaho
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Actian/Pervasive Data Integrator

Erwin can also migrate SQL data transformation jobs (SQL and PL/SQL procedures) to equivalent IRI SortCL data transformation and reporting programs for use with CoSort package or Voracity platform licenses. Please use the form below to discuss your requirements and get a budgetary estimate. 

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