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Cronus Consulting

Cronus Consulting specializes in the migration of mainframe zVM applications to Open System platforms (Unix, Linux and Windows), particularly those involving Software AG Natural and ADABAS. Cronus provides its own line of "Esp" products that convert and emulate mainframe utilities.

Cronus has worked with IRI for many years to implement and optimize proven CoSort jobs that replace slower legacy sort functions. Cronus and IRI are also now collaborating on providing additional CoSort spin-off features to modernize and govern IT infrastructures through data cleansing, masking, reporting, data type conversion, etc.

Email Hentie Paulie at hentie@cronus.co.za for more information.

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                                        Portability Solutions, Inc.

Language Portability Solutions, Inc.

Language Portability Solutions (LPS) helps companies reduce cost and improve productivity while upgrading COBOL applications to the latest Object Oriented technology. LPS migration tools translate nearly 100% of IBM Enterprise and Enterprise-compatible COBOL applications into well organized, readable and maintainable C# programs for a fraction of the cost and risk of rewriting.

LPS' automated, cloud-ready COBOL to C# conversion technology also features low per-line conversion costs and no annual licensing fees, a web transaction server (for CICS replacement), BMS Maps to MVC Models/Views, JCL, and VSAM/DB2 to SQL Server Data Migration.

Call Tony Tomaino at 866-731-9977 or email info@languageportability.com for more information.

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Tetrad Solutions, Inc.

Tetrad Solutions, Inc.

Tetrad Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of technology application services, from business process redesign to "Operational Processing for UniX." OPX is a powerful framework for the execution and management of mainframe batch processing in an open systems environment. It removes the guesswork and frustration often encountered when migrating to open systems platforms.

OPX leverages CoSort's mvs2scl JCL parm converter and SortCL program to replicate and extend mainframe sort operations in the Unix environment. With a working knowledge of these tools, Tetrad can help you migrate legacy data and manipulation operations to open systems, while also providing features such as: multiple job queues; PDF generation; email delivery; and, job archival processing. Both MVS and VSE job streams are supported.

Call Mark Witte at 205-669-1083 or email info@tetradsi.com for more information.

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