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Platform Availability

RowGen is available for all UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms. The free IRI Workbench GUI for RowGen runs on Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

Licensing and Support

RowGen can be licensed on a periodic lease or perpetual-use basis to meet your application and testing requirements. Pricing for permanent use ranges from USD $7K to $19K depending on hardware and location. Each license includes:

  • PII data discovery (database, flat-file, and dark/document data profiling)
  • unlimited deployments of the  IRI Workbench GUI on Windows
  • database subsetting with data masking
  • discounts on IRI FieldShield (data masking)
  • credit towards the IRI Voracity total data management platform
  • the first year of technical support
  • full documentation.

Support is free in the first year, then optionally renewable thereafter at 20%. Support for, and leased (opex) use of, RowGen is also included in IRI Voracity "total data management" platform subscriptions, which additionally provide for:

  • production data discovery and masking 
  • data migration and replication
  • data warehouse ETL, data quality, reporting, and analytic data wrangling

Purchasing and Payment

RowGen can be purchased alone or within Voracity by sending a Purchase Order (PO) against a quote and/or executed EULA with IRI. The The PO should be emailed to or faxed to +1.321.777.8886, attention: RowGen Licensing.

Payment should be made per invoice instructions or online at this link:

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