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Cassandra is an open source, wide-column NoSQL database management system for high-volume, high-availability operations . However, with Cassandra it is not always be easy to:

  • Access or integrate its data for ETL, data federation, cleansing, blending or reporting jobs
  • Replicate, for database migration or archival purposes
  • Populate its collections, from disparate sources of data
  • Protect sensitive information inside with multiple data masking functions
  • Prototype the environment with safe, intelligent test data


Direct access to Cassandra tables in the IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse™ allows you to connect and use that data with other sources at the same time. This graphical connection through a Java application, or the command prompt enables IRI product users to view and auto-define Cassandra inputs and outputs, and leverage multiple data movement strategies in the same environment.

Direct input from Cassandra is either via ODBC or a native driver supported in IRI DarkShield for finding and masking PII. IRI customers can also leverage these proven JDBC and ODBC drivers from Progress Software.

Cassandra Data Processing

Integrate Cassandra and other sources. Transform, cleanse, migrate, replicate, federate, blend, or report.

Cassandra Data Masking

Mask, encrypt, pseudonymize, or otherwise protect data in Cassandra using data class libraries and rules.

Cassandra Test Data

Create, and load Cassandra with, safe, intelligent test data ... without production data. Or use subsets;

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