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IRI DarkShield® is the compliance industry's most robust data discovery and masking tool for sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII) in structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources on premise or in the cloud. 

In DarkShield Version 5, IRI combined the power of its purpose-built text, file, RDB and NoSQL DB search/mask APIs with the the flexibility and familiarity of its popular Eclipse IDE, IRI Workbench. In this section you can learn what DarkShield does and how to leverage its new Workbench front-end to speed up the discovery and de-identification of sensitive information across your enterprise!

DarkShield finds, classifies, and secures data in multiple sources down to the item level. It centralizes and automates data classification across an entire file systems and cloud stores, or entire databases. Using your defined data classes and the search methods and masking functions you associate with them, you can scan and locate PII and other sensitive data and, either separately simultaneously, leverage the location annotations in consistent, deterministic masking jobs to preserve data (and referential) integrity globally.

Developers, DBAs, or anyone with some IT background on a compliance team, can create, run, and manage data classes, masking rules, and projects for DarkShield:

  • on the command line
  • within batch scripts
  • from API calling programs 
  • in IRI Workbench, the graphical IRI job design IDE built on Eclipse™

IRI Workbench includes all the interactive job design and management front-ends involved in DarkShield-related:

  • data connections and classifications
  • PII searching and location reporting
  • data masking rule application and target designation
  • job scheduling, auditing and sharing.

In IRI Workbench, DarkShield combines the power of purpose-built RPC APIs (for text, file, RDB and NoSQL) with the familiarity and flexibility of Eclipse for graphical job design and metadata management. Everything runs entirely in your infrastructure; i.e., while DarkShield uses web service calls, it is not a web app so you retain control of all software, data, and hardware involved.

If you use DarkShield as part of an IRI Voracity platform license, IRI will also support your use of workflow and transform mapping diagrams, IRI CellShield EE and IRI FieldShield operations. plus IRI Data Manager suite tools for ETL, data and DB migration, test data generation, DB subsetting, and more.

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