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Please use this form to open an issue with IRI's technical support staff. Normal support hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5). Using this form can expedite issue resolution because IRI engineers may need operational details to diagnose error messages and answer questions. Phone support is available by calling 1.321.777.8889 and choosing menu option 3, but the information below may be requested. If you have difficulty with the form, or have a simple question, please email

You may also use our Contact Form to ask general questions or to send comments and suggestions about our website or product offerings.

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Problem Description

CLI problem, question, error message, or error log content (e.g., C:\IRI\CoSort95\etc\.cserrlog)
GUI error (IRI Workbench). Click Window -> Show View -> Error Log. Right-click on the most recent failing log event, select Copy, and paste here.

Runtime Information

Resource control (cosortrc) settings (run: $COSORT_HOME/sortcl/rc)
Command Line Call or API Program
Source Metadata (e.g. DDF /FIELD layouts, FD, DDL, etc.)
Specification File (FCL, INI, NCL, RCL, SCL, XML configuration / job script)
Source table or input file sample (smallest representative subset, or first 10 records)
Target table or output data sample (smallest invalid subset, or first 10 records)
Desired formatting; i.e., how output records should appear (first or representative 2-10 rows)
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