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IRI NextForm® and its Eclipse-based GUI help you:

  • discover data, layouts, and relationships in file, database, and unstructured document sources
  • convert data types, record layouts, file formats, and endian status among flat and MF COBOL index files
  • migrate column data, layouts, and relationships (constraints) between databases
  • structure data you search for in unstructured text files so you can manipulate it
  • replicate, or copy, data from one or more sources to similar or different table or file targets
  • federate, or virtualize, data by producing ad hoc views from disparate sources
  • report on data from one or more sources, or create filtered hand-offs for BI tools
NextForm in Workbench

NextForm uses the power of the IRI CoSort Sort Control Language (SortCL) program, and its data definition file (DDF) metadata, to manage these manipulations across a range of platforms and business needs.

Data and job definitions, plus editing and execution, can occur:

  • on the command line
  • within batch scripts
  • inside application programs
  • in SQL procedures (through custom in-situ encryption routines)
  • in IRI Workbench -- the GUI for NextForm et al for DBAs and compliance teams

Because NextForm is front-ended in the IRI Workbench, you can create job scripts with:

  • metadata discovery, conversion, and search tools
  • help-enabled job wizards
  • a dynamic job outline linked back to the GUI dialogs

A syntax-aware editor exists for those who prefer scripts for job design and modification.

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