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When you have attained a level of expertise in the use of IRI DarkShield -- through either on-the-job experience or an authorized training course -- you have likely qualified for an official certification letter suitable for consulting engagements, job applications, and IT training centers. Following are various levels of certification you can obtain from IRI, and the USD cost of each certificate (which does not include training or validation).

DarkShield I

DarkShield II

CellShield EE I


  • None


Install and license DarkShield for use standalone, in Voracity, and in CLI mode for existing users. Demonstrate the use of the Dark Data Discovery wizard in IRI Workbench and explain its use of patterns and output results. Import and explain the components of the .search and .darkdata files in DarkShield. Define data classes and associate search mathers and masking rules to them. Execute and explain how search-only and search-and-mask (remediate) operations occur, and show how audit dashboard and log files are used to identify masked and unmasked data in Workbench or in a SIEM tool like Splunk ES.


$75 USD

CellShield EE II


  • DarkShield I


Perform searching and masking operations in images, PDF documents, NoSQL databases, and faces and explain the different searching and masking techniques applicable to each. Define, locate, and leverage NLP models for use in Named Entity Recognition (NER) and demonstrate semi-supervised machine learning in training an NER model and how it improves search results. Explain and demonstrate the use of the DarkShield REST API with an external application.


$100 USD

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