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A fast extract step can be a critical component of:

  • database archive and replication
  • database reorgs and migrations
  • data warehouse ETL, ELT, and ODS operations
  • offline reporting and bulk data protection

IRIFast Extract (FACT™) is a parallel unload utility for very large database (VLDB) tables in:

Oracle DB2 UDB MS SQL Server
Sybase MySQL  Greenplum
Teradata Altibase Tibero

FACT uses simple job scripts (supported in a familiar Eclipse GUI) to rapidly create portable flat files. FACT's speed comes from native connection protocols and proprietary split query logic that unloads billions of rows in minutes.

Although FACT is a standalone, application-independent utility, it can also work nicely with other programs and platforms. For example, FACT optionally creates metadata for data definition files (.DDF) that IRI CoSort and its compatible data management and protection tools can use to manipulate the flat files. FACT also automatically creates database load utility configuration files for the same source.

FACT is also an optional, seamlessly integrated component in the IRI Voracity ETLand data management platform:

The automatic metadata creation -- and coexistence of other IRIsoftware in the same IDE -- facilitates the specification, and combinatory execution, of immediate, or downstream: data transformation, protection, reporting, and (pre-sorted) load operations.

Piping the FACT, CoSort, and your database loader together into a single I/O pass speeds ETLand reorg operations even further ....

Don't just satisfy SLAs. Meet the scalability demands of VLDBdata.

Browse this section to learn more about FACT and why it's better than other unloading tools and methods. See the roles FACT plays in data integration (ETL), database acceleration, and database migration.

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