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Innovative Routines. And People.

Since 1978, IRI has been a private, closely-held corporation steered by its founders to deliver faster data-driven outcomes and real ROI to our customers. We're successful without the hype and overhead endemic to the data management industry. We simply lead with products and support that benefit those wise enough to work with us.

Executive Officers

Paul Friedland - Founder & CEO

Paul made IRI the first company to deliver mainframe-class sort/merge technology on "open systems." Previously at Burroughs, Paul wrote the B6500-B6700sort using co-routine architecture (hence CoSort), a library of extended precision mathematical routines, and much of their COBOL and FORTRAN compilers. He also headed development of the Research Analysis Language for the Federal Reserve Bank and IMF. With a masters in Computer Science from Penn State, Paul also taught Compiler Development at UC Irvine and DB systems at NYU. At IRI, he continues to apply his theory and knowledge of sorting, languages, and databases.

David Friedland - SVP & COO

David started with IRI in 1988 to direct technology strategy and partner development. He now holds daily management responsibility for the company, works with strategic customers and consultancies, directs product line growth, and handles corporate agreements. David holds a BS in Communications from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Albany (SUNY). Prior to joining IRI, he worked in high-tech public relations in Manhattan, for the VOA, and NBC Radio News in Seoul. David also covers data management trends and developments in the IRI blog, works with industry analysts and business partners, and speaks at conferences.

Department Managers

Susan Gegner - Support

Eric Leohner - Marketing

Lisa Mangino - Sales

Don Purnhagen - R&D

Mary Spires - HR

Luluk Soraya - Alliances

Project Directors

Vic Frisk - Cloud & Containers

Claudia Irvine - GUI

Gail LaPinsky - Big Data

Chaitali Mitra - QA

Zoran Raskovic - Outreach

Dave Zsiga - Internals

Corporate Advisors

Dan Linstedt
Inventor of the Data Vault

Athena IT Solutions
Big Data Consulting

Bloor Group


The Data Governance Institute