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IRI CoSort: Selected Product Features + Benefits

Multi-threaded sort, sum, and reformat engine

Data processing speed in volume as multiple cores process big data simultaneously. Much faster than ETL tools and databases, and less expensive than riskier and more complex solutions built on Hadoop, in-memory or NoSQL DBs, and ELT appliances.

Single-pass sort, join, aggregate, report, and protect

Task, I/O, script, and vendor consolidation.

Single-pass, single-script ETL for flat files, ODBC, and bulk-loaded DBs

The data integration market's simplest, most price-performant ETL engine for big data warehouses. CoSort is also the foundational data transformation engine in the IRI Voracity ETL and data management platform product.

One easy 4GL for data definition, manipulation, and BI

No/low-learning curve, self-documenting metadata for transforms and reports.

Filtering, selection, de-duplication, segmentation

Bulk data reduction, customer data integration (CDI).

Multi-source joins, slowly changing dimension, lookups

Built-in change data capture and BI.

Built-in data masking functions for PII, PHI and PANs

Breach nullification, data privacy law compliance, DevOps testing.

Built-in test data generation and population

Create test data (and even run transformations on it in the same job!) for DevOps, benchmarking and demonstration. Easily move between data processing production and testing.

Free IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse™

Access, share, and deploy data, metadata, and jobs.

Plug 'n play sorts for COBOL, Unix, etc.

Save time and money without having to convert source application parameters.

Data type, endian, and file-format conversion

Migrate mainframe and DB data.

Expressions, validations, complex transforms

Bespoke data manipulation and discrete solutions for value derivation that can feed embedded reports, or reduce the burden on other BI/analytic tools.

JCL sort and file metadata converters

Leave costlier legacy sort utilities and applications faster.

Supports 24/34 COBIT v4 control objectives

Facilitate data governance and stewardship.

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