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Real-Time Data Masking

Real-time data masking as defined here involves the automatic, incremental refresh and obfuscation of PIIin database or file targets given new data, or changes to data in supported sources. 

In the case of databases, the IRI Ripcurrent incremental data masking facility in IRI Voracity (which includes the IRI FieldShield and DarkShield data masking tools) can apply consistent (rule-based) static data masking functions to classified data when rows are inserted or updated in MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL source tables.


Ripcurrent provides incremental data masking in Oracle, but for Oracle, there is also a real-time trigger option for encrypting or decryptingdata during queries. See this example of in-situ data masking for real-time data protection in Oracle databases.

In the case of structured (flat) file sources that have a similarreal-time data protection requirement, you can set up a file watcher program through Powershell, for example, to trigger a FieldShieldoperation when there are new or modified files detected in the operating system.


It is also possible to define triggers through database procedures or external programs that can then activate IRI data masking functionality through FieldShield(structured) or DarkShield(semi-structured and unstructured) data masking operations.

Other real time data masking tools from IRI are the 1) standalone FieldShielddatabase masking product, 2) CoSort data transformation utility and 3) IRI Voracity data management platform -- all of which use the same underlying data definition and manipulation program, called SortCL. SortCLscripts can specify static data masking functions to run on particular columns or rows based on changes to the data values (like timestamps) in source tables or files. See this example.

In any of these scenarios, you can work with IRI Professional Services to build an incremental  data masking solution custom-fit for your use case(s).

Provide real-time privacy protection through incremental data masking! To learn how to use one or more of these real-time data-centricsecurity tools in your environment, please request information using the form below. See also:

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