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Cigniti is the world's premier independent software testing company, and is publicly listed in the Bombay stock exchange. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Cigniti has grown from a three-member team to a multimillion dollar company positioned across three continents. Renowned for its test data management industry thought leadership, Cigniti draws expertise from over a decade of test engineering experience across multiple vertical markets. Cigniti provides implementation expertise in DevOps, CI/CD and IRI test data creation and population techniques. For more information, email nehreer.ahmed@cigniti.com

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VLDB and data integration consultant Dan Linstedt, inventor of the Data Vault and head of LearnDataVault.com, can automate the analysis, generation, incorporation, visualization, and prototyping of enterprise data models. Dan Linstedt and his colleagues are experts in the data definition and manipulation syntax used in both the IRI RowGen test data tool, and the IRI Voracity data management platform for data integration. Voracity also includes RowGen and a new Data Vault Generator to migrate relational models and data to Data Vault 2.0 architecture, and produce referentially- and business-key correct test data. Call Dan at 802-524-8566 or email DanL@DanLinstedt.com for more information.

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