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Press Releases

Dashboard Option Now Available for CoSort V9

IRI Adds Graphical Business Data to Big Data Preparation

Melbourne, Fla. (July 9, 2007) – Innovative Routines International Inc. (IRI), makers of the CoSort ( package for high-volume data processing on Unix, Linux and Windows, today announced the availability of an optional dashboard application for displaying business information in convenient visual formats.

Popular with executive management and IT professionals for the quick visual assessment they enable, dashboards help automate and unify source data across multiple departments or business lines. Dashboards also help managers monitor data in order to quickly shift marketing, sales or distribution tactics.

The Data Volume Problem

Dashboard software cannot handle large data sets efficiently. With source files and tables routinely at or above the gigabyte level, companies must integrate, reduce, and cleanse their data before dashboard display is possible. Back-end staging and scrubbing can also involve sort, join, aggregation, encryption, and other remapping operations so that accurate, secure data subsets can be exported to the dashboard. CoSort's SortCL tool performs all this pre-processing in a single pass through one or more massive sequential files. SortCL outputs data in CSV and XML formats that dashboards can import.

Why CoSort Dashboard?

By offering an optional dashboard application to its customers (and others who do not have one), IRI can connect the fundamental parts of the customer information lifecycle, and move users more seamlessly from data processing to presentation.

The application is iDashboards technology, from the iViz Group, which can import files from CoSort's SortCL tool, and combine them with data from other sources such as Excel and ODBC. The data populates graphical, dynamic charts that support business intelligence objectives. Custom visual options include: tables, 3-D views, geographic maps, metric tickers, animated speedometers, and ad hoc data displays.

According to Spencer Technology (a business intelligence consultancy) principal Evrard Spencer, "CoSort's dashboard analytics and backend data tools are invaluable when applying innovative, metric-validated solutions to solve business process integration problems for increased client value and regulatory compliance."

About IRI, Inc. and CoSort

Founded in 1978, IRI is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida and represented in over 30 international locations. CoSort can perform or accelerate: business intelligence applications; sort software, data type, and file format conversions; field-level data transformation and encryption; and safe test data generation. Visit or call 1-800-333-SORT for more information.


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