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IRI Again Among Top 100 Data Processing Companies

Voracity Data Quality & Security Addresses Analytics & Cloud Challenges

June 8, 2023 - Melbourne, FL - For the eighth year in a row, Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) magazine has listed Innovative Routines International (IRI, a/k/a The CoSort Company) among the "100 Companies That Matter Most in Data” in its latest online issue. The list features those hardware, software, and IT companies helping customers meet the top data and analytics management challenges of 2023. In the opening article, DBTA Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Simone wrote that those challenges are to balance data safety with new data initiatives, deliver business value, and change company culture around data."

Simone's preamble asserts that "the data landscape continues to increase in size and complexity and is more distributed than ever before" and cites a Unisphere Research survey of data managers which revealed a growing frequency of offloading routine data management tasks to the cloud. That study also concluded however, that "data quality and integrity must, by necessity, remain within the purview of enterprise customers."

Concurring is IRI SVP and Voracity platform evangelist David Friedland, who commented that "quality data is an essential component in analytics as well as cloud data migrations." He suggested that "DBTA recognizes that the data filtering, scrubbing, standardization, and enrichment features in Voracity allow DBAs, data analysts, and other users to keep production data clean enough to produce reliable information and solve downstream problems on target platforms."

The preamble also mentioned the rapid trajectory of AI-driven data adoption through portals like ChatGPT, but recognized that "while everyone wants fast access to all the data they need, it must be governed and protected against security threats such as ransomware and managed for compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, global cybercrime will reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025."

"It's perhaps for this reason more than any other," Friedland said, that "DBTA sees the strong data discovery, classification, de-identification (masking) and synthesis capabilities of Voracity (IRI Data Protector suite) components like FieldShield, DarkShield and RowGen as key to tackling the plague of data breaches, the requirements of industry regulators, and the need for safe, intelligent test data." He added that, "data-centric security rules should apply to PII moving from or into AI portals, as well as what's processed in traditional silos." Indeed, according to Simone, "Most companies have legacy systems and applications they rely on that aren’t going anywhere. However, they must learn to play with the newer technologies to meet evolving business requirements and expectations."

For a summary of Voracity offerings on point, see Friedland's 2023 “View from the Top” article in the same issue.

About IRI, The CoSort Company
IRI is a US data management and protection ISV founded in 1978 and represented in 40 cities worldwide. Powered by the data definition and manipulation program in its CoSort data transformation and reporting utility, other IRI products include: FieldShield, CellShield, and DarkShield for data masking, NextForm for data/DB migration, RowGen for test data synthesis, and the IRI Voracity platform which includes them all to consolidate data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics. Visit for more information.

About Database Trends and Applications
Database Trends and Applications (DBTA), published by Information Today, Inc., is a bimonthly magazine that delivers advanced trend analysis and case studies in data management. Visit for subscription information. DBTA also delivers groundbreaking market research exclusively through its Unisphere Research group.

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