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IRI and Full 360 Cooperate on ETL Orchestration

CoSort Integrated into metaController for Scheduled Data Warehouse Operations

Melbourne, Fla. (April 3, 2006) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. ("The CoSort® Company"), a pioneer in high-volume sorting and data warehouse acceleration software for open systems, and Full 360 LLC (New York, NY), a premier solutions and technology provider specializing in scalable, repeatable infrastructures for corporate performance management (CPM) and business intelligence (BI) services, announced the formation of a technical and marketing alliance. The partnership is designed to help each company strengthen their offerings in the extract-transform-load (ETL) market through product integration, concept sharing, and customer referral.

IRI's high-performance file manipulation package, CoSort, has been recognized for years as an ETL and BI engine because its SortCL program rapidly performs large scale data warehouse transforms and reports – integrating, staging, and presenting flat files from and to many formats. CoSort users define their input layouts, manipulations, and output targets – all in one I/O pass and/or job script written in SortCL's explicit 4GL. SortCL job scripts, compatible across all UNIX and Windows platforms, can be built with a text editor or free Java GUI, and get run on the command line, in batch scripts, via the GUI, or from a program. IRI's FAst extraCT (FACT) software rapidly unloads large Oracle tables to flat files and simultaneously creates SortCL field layouts for transforms and SQL*Loader control files for piped ETL and reporting operations.

Full 360's metaController™ manages processes in data warehousing and OLAP data mart environments and facilitates the evolution from batch scripting to true project orchestration. By precisely controlling the many steps involved in data warehousing and OLAP, metaController users can encompass the most important dimensions of process orchestration - human touch points, process metadata, and business rules. FACT and SortCL will now be among the jobs and other major ETL packages that metaController users can modify and launch, including Informatica PowerCenter, IBM DataStage and Hyperion Essbase.<

"By integrating FACT and SortCL into MetaController, Full 360 is adding value to its portfolio of manageable applications, delivering more choice to data warehouse ETL architects looking to control and schedule high-performance, flat-file extract and transformation components," noted Rohit Amarnath, Full 360's CEO.

metaController also gives data architects a drag-and-drop means to design and manage process flows between systems (including scripts, along with existing ETL or EAI tools) in the context of upstream and downstream process steps. For example, a data warehouse architect can pipe multi-gigabyte Oracle tables directly from FACT into CoSort SortCL scripts, building many pre-sorted load and report targets at once.

From IRI's perspective, "the integration of FACT and CoSort within metaController will benefit everyone involved with either company's tool sets, as well as those looking to accelerate DataStage or Informatica," according to David Friedland, VP of Business Development. "Data warehouse architects and end-users will be able to develop, run, and trouble-shoot faster E, T, and L jobs in an efficient, inter-dependent, and visually-managed production framework," he added.

About CoSort / Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc.

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, IRI develops and markets high-speed data sorting, reporting and ETL software for UNIX and Windows data centers. CoSort tools perform and accelerate large-volume: mainframe sort and data migrations, database reorgs, data warehouses, report generation, and, third-party software applications. The CoSort package has 18 user interfaces, all of which leverage a record-setting, parallel sort engine in proprietary coroutine architecture. Many of these interfaces seamlessly replace slower, third-party sorts. CoSort's primary native interface, SortCL, can also simultaneously: select, sort/merge/join, aggregate, calculate, convert, reformat and report. IRI's core products: CoSort FAst extraCT (FACT) for Oracle, and the RowGen test data synthesizer and file format simulator, are represented in more than 30 international offices. For more details, visit

About Full 360 LLC

Founded in 1999, Full 360 has focused exclusively on delivering infrastructure solutions for data warehousing, business intelligence and performance management initiatives. The company specializes in solving information delivery problems for organizations with fragmented or complex information challenges. Full 360's end-to-end solutions help clients transform siloed information assets into meaningful business insight—insight that leads to improved decision-making and optimized business processes. Full 360 offers expertise in information strategy, enterprise data integration, data warehousing, metadata, data delivery and analytic applications, and client education. By combining the metaController product with existing technology and business deliverables, Full 360 customers can architect best of breed ETL platforms and BI applications that are easy to manage and scale. For more details, visit

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