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IRI and Windocks Partner to Provide Container-based Virtualized Test Databases

PII Masking, Subsetting, and Synthetic Data Built-in for On-Demand Delivery

December 3, 2020 - Melbourne, FL - Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., a leader in big data management and data-centric security, and Windocks, a leader in database containers and virtualization, today announced a joint-versioned, container-based test data repository. The integrated "test data repo" delivers IRI-masked, subsetted, or synthesized database images for software testing, QA, and other enterprise needs in seconds, while reducing dev/test infrastructure costs by an average of 50 to 70%.

Containers are preferred in DevOps processes. The IRI-Windocks solution applies the speed and security of containers for test data management. The IRI-Windocks test data repo provides secure test-ready database clones on demand, for containers, conventional instances, and workstations, on-premise or in the cloud.

Database subsetting, PII masking with IRI FieldShield, or test data synthesis with IRI RowGen are performed in the IRI Voracity data management platform. Fit-for-purpose wizards in a shared Eclipse IDE (IRI Workbench), solicit users' job definitions and serialize the configurations into explicit task or batch scripts that Windocks can run before, during, or after cloning.

The test data repos contains the IRI-secured data in realistic and referentially correct images that can scale from a single database to scores of databases. Windocks further secures these database clones with role based access controls, and audit logs.

The joint solution can be piloted in minutes on major public clouds, and with software downloads for on-premise use. Customers average a 50 to 70% reduction in test data infrastructure costs, with up to 100 database environments served on a single VM, each consuming less than 40MB.   

"Software development today applies containers, APIs, and microservices, for new levels of automation and software delivery efficiency," said David Friedland, IRI Senior Vice President.  "Our partnership with Windocks delivers the same level of efficiency in test data management, and with an open, affordable, easily implemented solution." 

"Enterprises are increasingly addressing data security and test data automation in the same project. Windocks is excited to partner with IRI to address these combined needs," said Paul Stanton, Windocks co-founder and Vice President. "Our joint test data repo offers enterprises with an uniquely affordable, industry leading solution for on-demand, secure databases suitable for testing and other non-production scenarios." 

Technical details and pilot registration can be found in this article.

About IRI, The CoSort Company
IRI is a leading US data management and data security ISV founded in 1978 and represented in 40 cities worldwide. The uniquely fast and flexible IRI data manipulation and masking engine -- and free job design environment built on Eclipse -- serve big data and BI/DW architects, data security and governance officers, DBAs, and developers. Visit for more information.

About Windocks
Windocks software uniquely refreshes relational databases with ongoing incremental updates (transaction log backups) and delivers writeable refreshed database clones. Developers and testers can thus work with current production data without requiring restores from full backups.

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Craig Schein, IRI
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