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IRI Announces FieldShield v1.5 for Database and Multi-Byte Data Users

Update to Data Security Tool Also Features Format-Preserving Encryption

Melbourne, Fla. (July 7, 2010) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., a leading developer of data transformation software, is now shipping version 1.5 of FieldShield®, the world's first cross-platform field-level encryption and masking software for flat files. This next release protects columns in ODBC-connected database tables, and provides two more, and important, encryption functions.

ODBC support in FieldShield means that DBAs can now deploy FieldShield to protect tables containing personally identifying information (PII) without the complexity, limits, or high cost of slower, proprietary database encryption-only libraries.

IRI Business Development VP Data Friedland observed that "FieldShield is becoming a more robust data protection tool, and one of the most best ways to secure structured data at rest." In addition to the field-level protections released with v1 this April, FieldShield v1.5 adds:

  1. AES-256 format preserving encryption, where the ciphertext containing encrypted values like credit card and social security numbers retain the same look and feel after encryption; and,
  2. GPG and PGP encryption, enabling users to locate and make use of public key ring files on central servers.

"Format-preserving encryption is a choice that simultaneously addresses the need for data security, reversibility, and realism, " Friedland added.

FieldShield 1.5 also protects Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters, in both native and Unicode formats. The update also adds the ability to read, create, and/or ignore input file header and footer records for field protection purposes.

"The multi-byte character support allows encryption for Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters in native and Unicode formats," said Orson Wang of Azure Information Technology, in Taipei, Taiwan. Wang said FieldShield" should be well received in East Asia because banking and financial services institutions will need to get serious about PII security."

FieldShield v1.5 for Unix and Windows is licensed for perpetual use and discounted in volume. For more details, please visit or email

About IRI, The CoSort Company

Founded in 1978, Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. is an independent software vendor headquartered in Melbourne, Florida with license and support offices in more than 30 cities worldwide. IRI's flagship CoSort® package transforms and reports on big data, migrates legacy sorts, and replaces many SQL, shell, and 3GL programs. CoSort-compatible tools include Fast Extract (FACT), NextForm® (data migration), FieldShield (data masking) and RowGen® (test data).

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