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IRI Voracity Bypasses Mediation to Manage and Protect Call Detail Records

Platform directly integrates, reformats, cleans, masks and synthesizes ASN.1 & other data sources

MELBOURNE, Florida - February 22, 2022 - /24-7PressRelease/ - Innovative Routines International (, better known as IRI, The CoSort Company, has introduced direct data handling and engineering support for telecom Call Detail Records (CDRs) and other transactional industry data in Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) file formats, bypassing the need for traditional mediation software.

CDRs are produced by telecommunications exchange (switch) equipment to document the details of a phone call or text message (but not its content) passing through the switch. Each CDR contains specific attributes of a call, such as when it began, how long it took, the calling number and number called, and so on. CDRs are typically expressed in ASN.1 file formats, which are an industry standard, but not structured in a way most software can process.

For this reason, specialized CDR mediation software and services have been required to leverage the data in these records. Unlike other data discovery, integration, migration, governance, or analytic software that requires telco files to be in pre-mediated flat-file formats, however, the IRI Voracity data management platform can now perform all that work -- plus synthesize test data -- directly from or into native ASN.1-encoded file formats using Basic, JSON, Octet, Packed, or XML encoding rules without a separate mediation product or step.

Effective with the release of IRI CoSort version 10.5, IRI is featuring direct support for processing most ASN.1-encoded files in the company's core Sort Control Language (SortCL) data manipulation program. This allows users of CoSort, FieldShield, NextForm, and RowGen – or the Voracity platform which includes them – to process native CDR data with a standard SortCL-compatible job script and an ASN.1-compatible schema defining the file's structure.

"This is a breakthrough for those in the data management side of the telco industry," opined IRI SVP David Friedland. By working these call records in their native file formats directly, companies can bypass the expense and time involved in a mediation step and thus "immediately profile, integrate, convert, cleanse, mask, reformat, and report on that data," he explained. This allows more rapid analysis of call data alone, or in combination with data in other sources like relational or NoSQL DBs, Hadoop, and flat files on-premise or in the cloud.

IRI has published a series of related articles in its blog which cover the topic in detail and show sample ASN.1 file processing jobs.

About IRI, The CoSort Company
IRI is a leading US data management ISV founded in 1978 and represented in 40 cities worldwide. The uniquely fast and versatile IRI CoSort data manipulation engine -- and a familiar Eclipse IDE for job design – combine in the Voracity platform to deliver multiple data lifecycle solutions for big data and BI/DW, data masking and data quality initiatives, legacy migration and test data. Browse to learn more.

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