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MIMB-Compatible Metadata Ready for Use in IRI's CoSort & RowGen

New SortCL "Data Definition File" Export Bridge in Meta Integration Suite

Denver, Co. (April 24, 2006) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., a leader in open systems sorting and ETL acceleration software, and Meta Integration Technology, Inc. (MITI), a leader in business metadata conversion, today announced their partnership at the 10th Annual Wilshire Metadata Conference.

MITI's Meta Integration Model Bridge (MIMB) now includes metadata export bridges to the Data Definition Format (DDF) used in IRI's CoSort and RowGen programs so data warehouse architects can more easily build and run flat file data transformation and synthesis jobs, respectively, in their existing ETL tool environments.

By offering a new metadata export path directly to the DDF metadata common to both CoSort's SortCL data manipulation program and RowGen file synthesizer, MIMB users running major ETL, EII, BI and ERP tools -- as well as those with flat files defined in XML, Excel or COBOL Copybooks -- can automatically convert their pre-existing data descriptions for immediate use in SortCL (CoSort) or RowGen applications.

"The bridge's automatic metadata creation preserves users' investments in their metadata, and eliminates the need to manually redefine file layouts for CoSort or RowGen use," remarked IRI's VP of Business Development, David Friedland. Using MIMB's DDF export bridge also makes it easier to run CoSort and RowGen outside of, but in conjunction with, Informatica's PowerCenter and IBM's DataStage.

"For example, instead of sorting and joining flat files using an ETL or database engine, you can quickly export the metadata in SortCL format for faster CoSort executions, and take the load off those products not designed for such high data volumes," Friedland said.

Similarly, the RowGen DDF Export Bridge will facilitate the creation of realistic test data because users can leverage the same form and format of data already being processed in their BI, ETL, and EAI tools. Because the RowGen bridge converts file and field layouts perfectly," Friedland added, "users can create ideal test data for files and tables without exposing real data.

From MITI's perspective, this DDF Export Bridge partnership will give common customers even more control of their business data integration processes. "MITI will work with IRI to assist those seeking to leverage their metadata assets in a multi-product environment to optimize ETL performance," said Christian Bremeau, MITI's President and CEO. "Reliable metadata flows like these also improve users' ability to manage change in today's complex data and software development life cycles."

The new export bridge is also a boon to data warehouse solution providers like Myers-Holum, Inc. (MHI). "As a world-wide leader in enterprise business intelligence and data integration, we see tremendous value in providing a metadata bridge to SortCL and RowGen from the many tool models that MITI's software supports," commented MHI CTO Dan Linstedt. "This not only expands the adoption and utilization of the CoSort product line, but enables users to produce a consistent Master Metadata view of the enterprise. Our firm offers metadata best practices integration across both product lines, and extends the reach of metadata into the enterprise layer," he added.

Pricing and Availability

Companies can purchase and download MITI's bridges from the company's web site at Pricing, installation instructions and support information are also available from the site. Upon installing the bridge, its features will become accessible to CoSort and RowGen users from the metadata exchange menus.

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