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Multi-Byte Character Collation and Conversion Available

CoSort Processes Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Unicode Data

Melbourne, Fla. (September 4, 2007) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. announced that its flagship data manipulation software, CoSort V9, ( now processes large flat files containing multi-byte characters. CoSort allows companies to rapidly permute and convert Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) data in their native forms.

IRI VP David Friedland explained that "CoSort can now sort, join, and protect data encoded in most CJK formats," including EUC, Unicode, and IBM DBCS. CoSort V9 also converts:

  • GBK to ASCII (Pinyin equivalent), UTF8, and UTF16
  • Shift_JIS to UTF8 and UTF16

Sorting BIG5 or simplified Chinese EBCDIC characters, and translating Johab data to Wansung, "typify the requirements of legacy migration and data warehousing operations in Asia," he added.

Sorting Solutions

CoSort's parallel sorting interfaces work identically across Unix, Linux and Windows platforms, and sorts scale linearly in volume. The CoSort engine can sort multi-gigabyte files in under a minute on multi-CPU servers, while accepting any number, size, and type of structured fields, records, and files – including mainframe binary, EBCDIC and index formats, IP addresses, multi-byte Asian characters, timestamps, etc. CoSort also speeds or migrates other sorting functions with plug-ins, conversion tools, and services – saving time and money.

Data Transformations

With or without sorting, CoSort can simultaneously:

  • filter
  • merge
  • join
  • aggregate
  • cleanse
  • cross-calculate
  • capture changed data
  • convert data types
  • convert file formats
  • de-identify
  • encrypt
  • lookup
  • mask
  • rank
  • re-map
  • report
  • validate
  • generate test data

CoSort users can combine these functions as they map between multiple input and output files and formats. Jobs can be monitored, logged, and audited for performance analysis, data forensics, and compliance verification.

"Before CoSort 9, we could not process important foreign character sets efficiently," observed Kuniyoshi Yagi, Support Manager at Cincom Systems. "By managing data from diverse countries of origin, CoSort can enhance our technical solutions, and ultimately help us expand our client portfolios and diversify our company's growth."

About IRI, Inc. and CoSort

Founded in 1978, IRI is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida and represented in more than 30 international locations. CoSort can perform or accelerate: business intelligence; data conversion, transformation, and governance operations; file interchange; sort migrations, and safe test data generation. Visit or call 1-800-333-SORT for more information.