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Voracity Data Management Platform Is Insight Success Cover Story

Online Business Magazine Features IRI Among Top 10 Best Hadoop Solution Providers

December 5, 2017 - Melbourne, FL - Innovative Routines International (IRI, The CoSort Company), a leader in fast data management and data-centric protection software, was just featured on the cover of Insights Success Magazine's Hadoop Solution issue. IRI COO David Friedland is pictured above the IRI Voracity title, as that big data management platform put IRI among “The 10 Best Hadoop Solution Provider Companies of 2017.”

Before defining the companies that made the top ten list, Managing Editor Rajarshi Chatterjee prefaced the special edition of the magazine with a general history of Hadoop technology. That discussion was followed by articles on Hadoop's growth (soon to be a $54.2B market), the role business analytics plays in that growth, future technical trajectory in the market, and “an insight on the opportunities in the big data industry.”

Chatterjee called Hadoop “an underrated technology with the capability to change the world,” but also one that “is nothing without the contribution of Hadoop solution providers.”

“IRI is thrilled to receive the honor of a cover story and a five page spread. They cover both the company's nearly 40-year history and its new Voracity platform,” remarked IRI marketing manager Eric Leohner. The article explains how Voracity leverages both IRI's organically-evolved CoSort program and multiple Hadoop engines. Together, they provide seamless runtime options for processing big data on local or distributed file systems.

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About IRI

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Melbourne, FL, Innovative Routines International (IRI), is a data management ISV focused on high-performance data manipulation and data-centric security. Represented in more than 40 cities worldwide, IRI software serves BI/DW and data architects, data governance and IT managers, and DBAs and application developers in every industry who must handle big and/or sensitive data collections in faster, more affordable ways.

About Insights Success

Founded 2013 and headquartered in Dublin, OH, Insights Success is “The Best Business Magazine in the world for enterprises.” The online publication focuses on emerging as well as leading fast-growing companies with a “confrontational style of doing business” that deliver “effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen market share.” The magazine targets ‘C’-level professionals, VPs, consultants, VCs, IT, HR and other managers in various industries.

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