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Bloor-IRI Ebook

The Bloor Group webcast: A Philosophy of Data: Power of the Platform summarizes what the gurus whose podcasts are linked below had to say, and outlines the unified data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytic pillars of the IRI Voracity 'total data management' platform.

We're also excited about the upcoming Bloor Group-IRI eBook, The Philosophy of Data, which aggregates the interview transcripts with these data management industry thought leaders on the trends in data uses and the issues and technologies around them. Topics include the monetization and confidentiality of data, big data integration, data lakes, and the Internet of Things. Peruse the links below, and sign up to see the video and get the eBook as soon as it's released!

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Robin Bloor

Founder, The Bloor Group


Gwen Thomas

The Data Governance Institute


Rick Sherman

Founder, Athena IT Solutions


Dan Linstedt

Inventor of Data Vault


David Friedland

IRI, The CoSort Company


Eric Kavanagh

CEO, The Bloor Group


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