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Fast Extract for Oracle Ships on Windows

Bulk Unload Tool for Data Warehousing Runs on Win2K/3, XP, and Vista

Melbourne, Fla. (September 25, 2007) – Innovative Routines International Inc. (IRI), makers of the high-performance CoSort ( data manipulation package, announced that Fast Extract (FACT) for Oracle now runs on Windows. FACT users on Unix include: Accenture, American Airlines, Bisys, Comcast, CSC, Excelcom, Highmark, Reliance Retail, and Sungard.

FACT rapidly unloads large Oracle tables in parallel to portable flat files in fixed- or variable-length formats, using all supported combinations of native SQL SELECT features. FACT consumes only a small amount of system resources, without the need for load balancing. Initial laptop performance tests confirmed that FACT's rows-per-second unload rate doubles that of Oracle's spool command under Windows XP.

FACT also creates the layout metadata of the extract files in the syntax of CoSort's Sort Control Language (SortCL) tool (for transformation, protection, reporting, and pre-load sorting), and Oracle SQL*Loader utility (for bulk loads). These metadata files assist in building Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) streams from source to target tables, increasing data warehouse performance and database availability.

Running FACT, SortCL, and SQL*Loader in combination also performs and speeds very high-volume reorg, migration, replication and reporting operations. IRI Support Manager Rob Howard explained that, "by using these tools in the file system, users can eliminate database processing bottlenecks, and can create multiple targets in multiple formats -- simultaneously."

For example, a FACT (E) > CoSort (T) > SQL*Loader (L) operation populated a new, 25-million row sorted table seven times faster than the equivalent SQL*Plus 'order by' table insert. "On an HP t5500 (Intel Core Duo with 2GB of RAM), FACT's unload results piped to CoSort's parallel sort, which fed a direct path load -- all in 7 minutes. Oracle took 49 minutes to sort and build the same table internally, " Howard observed.

About CoSort / IRI Inc.

Innovative Routines International (IRI) Inc., The CoSort Company, was founded in 1978. Now headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, IRI is represented in more than 30 international locations. A pioneer in open systems, IRI has grown steadily since its inception by helping IT professionals perform or accelerate: legacy sort and file migrations, high-volume data warehouse ETL and database utility operations, test data generation, and, third-party applications. Please visit or call 1-800-333-SORT for more information.

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