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IRI Software to Support HP BladeSystem Matrix

Big Data Processing & Security Tools Will Run in New Adaptive Infrastructure

Melbourne, Fla. (April 20, 2009) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., a leading developer of high-performance, high-volume data transformation software since 1978, today announced that its flagship CoSort package and related tools will run within the HP BladeSystem Matrix.

As part of an agreement between HP and IRI, IRI is working to deliver CoSort – along with its metadata-compatible applications for Oracle table extraction, test data generation, field-level data security, and legacy data migration – for HP BladeSystem Matrix users.

"A major benefit of the HP BladeSystem Matrix for IRI's CoSort, FACT, and RowGen customers will be capacity management for heavy workloads," according to IRI Business Development Vice President David Friedland. "By planning and allocating infrastructural resources like Integrity nodes and storage locations, HP BladeSystem Matrix customers can find the best places to run large file transforms and reports, database reorgs, or test-set builds – and know what to do when their data and jobs move, or if a system fails. By improving the agility, predictability, and recovery of their production environments, our customers can reduce their performance bottlenecks and service level risks simultaneously."

IRI tools are expected to run in the HP BladeSystem Matrix environment right away, since they are already compatible with HP hardware running HP-UX, Linux and Windows. CoSort, for example, currently combines massive file sort, join, aggregate and report operations in the same I/O pass on HP BladeSystem servers, accelerating data preparation for ETL and BI architects, and relieving database servers of transformation overhead. Customers will thus be able to deploy, automate, and expand their use of CoSort – as well as FACT, RowGen, FieldShield, and NextForm – within HP BladeSystem Matrix.

IRI enjoys a long relationship with HP, starting more than 20 years ago when it optimized and expanded CoSort and related solutions for the HP-UX operating system. "Customers are always looking for ways to improve the performance of complex data warehousing and business intelligence operations to improve decision making for their businesses," said Mark Potter, senior vice president and general manager, Insight Software and Blades, HP. "The HP BladeSystem Matrix with IRI software work together to enable customers to increase agility and responsiveness by accelerating high-volume data throughput."

About IRI, The CoSort Company

Founded in 1978, Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. is a privately-held independent software vendor headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, and a member of the HP Infrastructure Advantage Partner Program. IRI software is licensed and supported in more than 30 international locations. IRI's flagship CoSort product is used by the world's largest financial services, telecommunication, manufacturing, transportation, and consulting companies to migrate legacy sorts and data, rapidly transform and report on very large files for data warehouse integration and business intelligence operations, and improve the performance of databases and applications. CoSort-compatible tools include Fast Extract (FACT) for Oracle, RowGen (test data generation), FieldShield (granular data protection), and NextForm (file format and data type conversion). Visit or call 1.800.333.SORT.


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