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IRI Upgrades Data Security & Governance Technology

Data Masking, Test Data, and Management Software Get Profiling, Subsetting, SDKs, etc.

Melbourne, Fla. (March 29, 2016) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), The CoSort Company, has announced new versions of its Data Protector suite tools -- FieldShield, CellShield, and RowGen -- and new features in its data management platform -- Voracity -- that improve enterprise data security and quality for SMBs and cost-conscious enterprise CISOs.

The new data governance features were just added into these new releases of IRI:

FieldShield v4.0

  • Database (DB), flat-file, and dark data discovery, profiling, and classification of personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Consistent pseudonymization in multi-table workflows
  • Software development kits (SDK) for dynamic data masking in Java and .NET applications
  • Native connections for masking data in MongoDB sources and Splunk targets

CellShield Enterprise Edition v1.2

  • Intra-cell search and bulk remediation of floating PII in Excel spreadsheets

RowGen v4.0

  • Software development kit for generating test data in Java and Hadoop applications
  • Computationally valid test data generation for credit cards, SSNs, and other NIDs
  • DB subsetting (and masking)

Voracity v1.1

  • All of the above, plus:
  • Consolidation and registry style master data management
  • ETL task previews with real or test data
  • EGit-supported metadata management 

“Digital businesses with the right data governance policies and technologies are the ones consumers will trust with their PII” observed IRI Sales Director Lisa Mangino. “That’s why IRI continues to invest heavily in the development of masking technologies in both our fit-for-purpose data protection products and total data management platform. Our users need to be able to mask, clean, and unify data where it lives.”

The upgrades will be available at low or no cost to existing users depending on their support level. Voracity subscribers can automatically make use of all of the new features, since the platform includes support for all IRI Data Protector and Data Manager suite products. 

About IRI, The CoSort Company
Founded in 1978, IRI develops high-performance software for managing and protecting data in: legacy migration, DW/BI, and devop environments. IRI products include: Voracity (data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics); CoSort (transformation and reporting); FACT (Fast Extract for VLDBs); NextForm (data and DB conversion); FieldShield and CellShield (data masking), and RowGen (test data synthesis). 

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