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IRI Voracity Data Vault Migration Wizard Named a 2022 Trendsetting Product

Upgraded Modules from Data Management ISV Recognized for Efficiency and Ergonomics

MELBOURNE, Florida - January 20, 2022 - /PRNewswire/ - Database Trends and Application (DBTA) Magazine has deemed the updated Data Vault migration and generation wizard in the IRI Voracity® data management platform a “Trendsetting Product in Data and Information Management for 2022.” The wizard is designed to facilitate Data Vault adoption by moving relational database schema and data into Data Vault 2.0 (DV2) architecture, creating referentially and business-key correct test data, and diagramming the table entities and relationships.

DV2 is a hybrid data modeling methodology leveraging 3NF and star schema to represent historical data from multiple sources, and adapt to environmental changes. First released in 2000 by Dan Linstedt, DV2 applies robust data integration architecture to a database using “a detail oriented, historical tracking, and uniquely linked set of normalized tables that support one or more functional areas of business.”

Voracity is a data management software platform built on Eclipse™ for marshaling data in multiple sources. It performs, speeds, and combines key activities in data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics using the power of IRI CoSort or Hadoop® data transformation engines. Voracity also includes IRI RowGen componentry to produce safe, referentially correct test data.

Innovative Routines International (IRI) first introduced the Voracity DV2 data migration wizard at the 2019 Worldwide Data Vault Consortium conference. IRI has since improved the efficiency and ergonomics of the wizard, allowing database users to quickly:

  1. convert RDBMS models to a compatible DV2 model also compliant with Snowflake DDL;
  2. replicate production data into DV2 schema; and/or,
  3. populate a prototype DV2 database with realistic, referentially correct test data,;

all while providing options to customize and diagram satellite tables and business key assignments.

According to DBTA Senior Editor Joyce Wells, “the world has changed, and with it, enterprise data requirements,” as confirmed by research reports issued over the past year by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc. A DBTA reader study found an emphasis on “new approaches to managing and storing data, leveraging that data for business apps and insights, and protecting that data.”

“We think this wizard is a great benefit to Data Vault adopters,” remarked IRI Software Solutions Director Lisa Mangino. “Through this wizard, DV2 architects can leverage the proven VLDB data movement and manipulation power of CoSort, Voracity’s rich DB administration, ETL and test data workflow environment, and proven data subsetting, masking and synthesis capabilities.”

About IRI & Voracity
IRI is a leading US data management ISV founded in 1978 and represented in 40 cities worldwide. The uniquely fast and versatile IRI CoSort data manipulation -- and a familiar Eclipse IDE for job design – combine in the Voracity platform to deliver multiple data lifecycle solutions for big data and BI/DW, data masking and data quality initiatives, legacy migration and test data. Browse to learn more.

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