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COVID-19 Policy & Prep

IRI is committed to the dual goals of staff health and customer support during the Coronavirus pandemic. Since 1978, the company has thrived through prudent adaptation and expert advice. So while we never welcome adverse events like hurricanes, viral outbreaks, or macroeconomic downturns, they are not new to us.

During the initial (pre-vaccination) phase, IRI took the CDC-recommended steps to safeguard our employees and business from the health and economic impacts of the outbreak:

  • Work from home for all staff at heightened risk of contracting or carrying the virus
  • In-office social distancing and elevated sanitation measures, per Florida Department of Health guidelines
  • Switch from group meetings to web, phone and IM modes
  • No diminution of responsibilities or deadlines for on-duty staff
  • Insured treatment and isolation per medical and government guidelines for anyone positive or suspected for the virus
  • Encouragement of continued support for ongoing community causes still in, or at heightened, need.

with all employees now being vaccinated and boosted, more IRI staff are returning to the office, while continuing to practice personal safety. If you have any questions about IRI response times or plans relative to COVID-19, please email

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