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Bloor Group - IRI Voracity Ebook to Capture “Philosophy of Data”

Melbourne, Fla. (February 25, 2016) – Innovative Routines International (IRI, The CoSort Company) and The Bloor Group are collaborating on “The Philosophy of Data”, a new podcast-oriented ebook highlighting developments driving today’s big data trends, and exploring strategies to better leverage and safeguard data in the 21st century. The project features in-depth dialogues with data management industry analysts and IRI Voracity platform developers.

Data management is an ongoing process that market dynamics constantly change. For that reason, IRI VP David Friedland explains that the book “will define some imperatives for managing data today and in the future.” For example, data-driven enterprises can now “monetize data” and should “combine IoT data with existing sources to become more competitive digital businesses.”

Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh is a career media professional and recognized luminary in the field of Big Data. "When we started conducting the interviews for the book, it became clear that these data professionals share a kinship around philosophy, an ancient cognitive science. We immediately tapped into the wisdom and expertise of these industry thought leaders to show how data and its uses progress, along with the technologies that manage its lifecycle.”

Specializing in data movement and manipulation for 38 years, IRI is well positioned to frame the big data market and how it has progressed. Independent authorities invited to participate and provide insight for the publication include: Gwen Thomas, founder of the Data Governance Institute; Dan Linstedt, creator of the Data Vault; and Rick Sherman, founder of Athena IT Solutions. Contributors to the “Philosophy of Data” bring over 100 years of combined experience that shine light on data management, and how people, processes, and technology can work together to provide insight, protect identities, and maximize data as an asset.

The Ebook and podcast portions will be available at

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