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IRI Software Solves 'Endian' Problem

New Tools to Process Data in Different Byte Orders Across Platforms

Melbourne, Fla. (April 27, 2010) – Innovative Routines International Inc. (IRI), Inc., announced that it has solved a problem inherent with migrating data across different endian architectures (e.g. a binary file created on a mainframe but read on a PC).

Binary numerics and multi-byte character data from "big endian" computers do not process correctly on "little endian" computers, and vice versa, due to the byte ordering differences imposed by CPU architectures. To overcome this, IRI will deliver endian designation and migration functionality in its software to process data from, or convert data to, either architecture.

IRI's ability to maintain and change the endianness of data means that files can be correctly processed on big, little, or bi-endian hardware. IRI support lead Rob Howard explained that "this will allow companies to off-load work onto computers with more capacity but different endianness."

Field-level endian control facilitates the movement of data into and out of files and databases for data integration. "Users will be able to output big and little endian data to one or more targets simultaneously. This precludes the need for additional passes and associated data synchronization," Howard added.

IRI will first deliver endianness support in three of its current tools:

  • CoSort: Inputs, processes, and outputs data as big or little endian regardless of the endianness of the execution platform. Processing includes transformation and reporting operations like selection, sorting, joining, aggregation, calculation, and reformatting.
  • NextForm: Converts the byte order of files and fields to migrate data across platforms.
  • RowGen: Generates test data - files and fields – with the endianness required for each.

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About IRI, The CoSort Company

Founded in 1978, Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. is an independent software vendor headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. IRI software is licensed and supported through more than 30 international resellers. IRI's flagship CoSort product migrates legacy sort tools, transforms data for large data warehouse and BI environments, and speeds databases, ETL tools, and applications. CoSort-compatible tools include Fast Extract (FACT) for Oracle, RowGen (test data), FieldShield (data masking), and NextForm (data migration).


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