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In addition to detail and summary reporting, the SortCL program in IRI's CoSort product does:

  • pivot transformations that re-map and de/normalize data (in the context of reporting)
  • change data capture (CDC) reporting
  • customer data integration (CDI) and segmentation
  • clickstream analytics (web log / data webhouse reporting)
  • slowly changing dimensions (SCD) reporting

If you need or use:

  • advanced data visualization and drill-down
  • dashboards and knowlege performance indicators (KPI)
  • knowledge management or knowledge mapping
  • data mining and predictive analytics

SortCL data franchising (preparation) activities make 3D BI tools and methods more efficient. SortCL also integrates with BIRT and ActuateOne technologies in the IRI Workbench GUI for CoSort, built on Eclipse.

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