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IRI Participates in DBTA Webinar on Accelerating Data Processing for Analytics

Discussion of Hadoop and Alternatives for Faster Preparation of Big Data Now On-Line

Melbourne, Fla. (July 16, 2015) - Innovative Routines International IRI, Inc. (The CoSort Company), a leading provider of data management and manipulation software since 1978, recently participated in a webinar presentation and roundtable discussion organized by Database Trends & Applications (DBTA) and co-sponsored by Attunity entitled "Accelerating Data Processing for Analytics." The webinar focused on technologies that speed the processing and protection of data ahead of analytics amid the growing challenges of data volume, variety, velocity, veracity, and value.

Several technologies exist to speed pre-analytic data processing, especially Apache Hadoop projects. IRI VP David Friedland’s presentation reviewed the multi-tool landscape, and explained three ways its CoSort package rapidly prepares data for analytics: 1) custom formatting features in the CoSort SortCL program for simultaneous data integration and reporting; 2) data franchising or transformation for consumption by analytic and BI tools; and, 3) feeding data to BIRT in Eclipse at reporting time for seamless data integration and visualization. Mr. Friedland also shared case studies and tips, highlighted IRI’s Hadoop plans, and answered questions from the audience.

“CoSort remains a viable alternative to Hadoop for processing big data,” Friedland remarked. Its proven data manipulation, masking, and munging engine “scales linearly across multiple-CPUs in existing file systems, and does not entail the risk and skills gap around Hadoop projects,” he added. But whatever technology is used, IRI recommends removing the data integration burden from the analytic or BI tool layer -- as well as from the DB or ETL tool -- because of the inherent inefficiency and redundancy of that approach.

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About IRI, The CoSort Company
Founded in 1978, IRI develops Eclipse-supported software for managing and protecting data in: legacy migration, DW/BI, and application development environments. IRI’s major products include: CoSort for big data sorting, transformation, and reporting; FACT (Fast Extract) for VLDB unloads and reorgs; NextForm for data and DB conversion; FieldShield for static and dynamic data masking; and, RowGen for creating safe, realistic test data from scratch.

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