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IRI and LPS Partner to Enhance Mainframe-to-Windows Migrations

Combined Offerings Modernize COBOL Applications and Data Utilization

Melbourne, Fla. (March 11, 2014) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., better known as The CoSort Company, and Language Portability Solutions, Inc. (LPS), have announced a re-marketing agreement to help mainframe users convert their COBOL applications, data, and JCL for use in Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, and Windows batch job frameworks.

Under the arrangement, IRI and LPS can offer each others' technologies and services to customers who need fast, affordable:

• translation of COBOL code to clear, maintainable C# programs
• conversion of MF-ISAM, MFVL, Vision, and VSAM / QSAM files
• remapping of data type, endian, and record layouts
• migration of VSAM and DB2 data to SQL Server
• data integration (ETL), cleansing, replication, and federation
• VLDB unload, load, query, and reorg operations
• conversion of JCL select, sort/merge, report, and other tasks
• change data capture and slowly changing dimension reports
• masking and encryption for sensitive data in files and tables
• test data in safe, realistic COBOL, flat-file, and DB targets

According to LPS co-founder William Calcagni, "the combination of our proven capabilities can help our customers leave the mainframe sooner, and make their application maintenance much
simpler." IRI Business Development VP David Friedland added that, "after their legacy programs and data are working in the Windows environment, the broader functionality available creates more opportunities to leverage those assets, while new hardware and software efficiencies should speed solution delivery."

About IRI, The CoSort Company              
Founded in 1978, IRI develops fast, Eclipse-supported software tools for managing and protecting big data in: legacy migration, DW/BI, and application development environments. IRI products include: CoSort® for sorting, transformation, and reporting; FACT™ for VLDB unloads and reorgs; NextForm® or data and DB conversion; FieldShield® for compliant data masking and encryption; and RowGen™ for creating safe, realistic test data from metadata.

About LPS
Founded in 2009, LPS specializes in the automated translation of IBM enterprise and enterprise-compatible COBOL applications into well organized and maintainable C# programs at a fraction of the cost and risk of manual rewriting. LPS also offers: a web transaction server for CICS replacements, conversion of BMS Maps to MVC Models/Views, general JCL translations, VSAM/QSAM file reformatting, and VSAM/DB2-to-SQL Server data migration.

Press inquiries only to:
Jason Koivu, Marcom Director
IRI, The CoSort Company
(321) 777-8889 ext. 210

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