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IRI Releases Free DB, File, and Dark Data Profiling Tools in Eclipse

Powerful Discovery Wizards for DBAs, DW/BI Architects and Data Governance Teams

Melbourne, Fla. (July 28, 2015) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), The CoSort Company, announced the launch of several free cross-platform data and database discovery tools in the IRI Workbench, its graphical IDE for data manipulation and management activities built on Eclipse™.

The four new data discovery modules in the IRI Workbench are designed to improve data architects’ understanding of -- and extract values and metadata from -- relational databases, flat files, dark data (unstructured documents), and more than 100 legacy, big data, and cloud/SaaS sources accessed via JDBC drivers compatible with the Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP).

  1. The DB profiling wizard examines table structures and contents via columnar statistical analysis and reporting, pattern and fuzzy searches, and referential integrity checks.
  2. The ER diagramming wizard displays intra-table elements and inter-table key relationships to visualize database and data warehouse models.
  3. The dark data discovery wizard scans unstructured files (PDF, XML, RTF, Outlook, and MS Office documents) network-wide for pattern-matching values, extracts those values and file metadata, and saves them in flat files with reusable data definition files (DDF).
  4. The metadata discovery wizard scans flat files and ODBC-connected sources to produce IRI DDFs automatically, or manually from plain and HEX previews of the data.

"Robust data discovery is a condition precedent for every successful information outcome,” opined IRI Project Development Lead Nathan Dymora. "This collection of tools will help analyze, classify, cleanse, integrate, mask, and report on almost every enterprise data repository, he added.

The new discovery wizards are described at and included in all editions of the IRI NextForm data and database migration suite (and the free 'Lite' edition), as well as: 

About IRI, The CoSort Company
Founded in 1978, IRI develops fast, Eclipse-supported software for moving, manipulating, migrating, masking, and munging mission-critical data in: legacy migration, VLDB, DW (ETL), BI and analytic, data governance, VLDB, and new development environments.

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