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IRI Announces Affordable Searches and Uses for Unstructured Data

Data Management ISV Finds and Integrates Enterprise Dark Data from an Eclipse GUI

Melbourne, Fla. (August 28, 2014) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., best known as “The CoSort Company” and for fast data manipulation and data-centric protection software, has announced a new graphical tool to quickly and inexpensively capture information in unstructured data sources, or what Gartner calls “dark data.”

According to Gartner Analyst Douglas Laney “enterprise dark data” is “unutilized or underutilized information, collected generally for a single purpose — then forgotten or archived.” Laney posits that ”Organizations have capitalized on this treasure trove of internal emails, contracts, reports and other types of data by looking for patterns, leading indicators and correlations."1

To help enterprises leverage their dark data, IRI has released an “Unstructured Data” edition of its IRI NextForm® software. The 4-figure data migration product finds, structures, manipulates, and reports on, data in: text, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files; PDF, RTF, and XML documents; and, email repositories.

Inside the IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse™, the NextForm data restructuring wizard searches unstructured files on networked drives for keywords and patterns using regular expressions. It scans the sources to identify, associate, extract, and send the matches (along with optional forensic metadata) to a flat file. It also creates data definition file (DDF) metadata for IRI software products in the same GUI to use in data integration, replication, federation, remapping, masking, reporting, and franchising applications.

This technology and its Eclipse environment also support:

  • joining the search results with data in structured repositories (e.g., DBs) for analysis
  • development of domain-specific semantic ontologies through the DDF metadata
  • discovery of changes in, and key relationships between, the data, plus master data
  • data visualization tools like BIRT, and analytic engines like R, in the same GUI

About IRI, The CoSort Company
Founded in 1978, IRI develops fast, Eclipse-supported software tools for managing and protecting big data in: DW/BI, legacy migration, and application development environments. The Company’s products include: IRI CoSort® for sorting, transformation, and reporting; IRI FACT™ for VLDB unloads and reorgs; IRI NextForm for data and DB conversion; IRI FieldShield® for compliant data masking and encryption; and IRI RowGen™ for creating safe, realistic test data from scratch.

1 Gartner, “Answering Big Data’s 10 Biggest Vision and Strategy Questions,” Douglas Laney et al, August 12, 2014, p.5.

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Jason Koivu, Marcom Director
IRI, The CoSort Company
(321) 777-8889 ext. 210