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IRI Releases Big Data Migration Software

NextForm® v3 Available in Free, MF COBOL, Database, and Unstructured Data Versions

Melbourne, Fla. (February 27, 2014) – Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., The CoSort Company -- a 36-year-old ISV specializing in big data management and protection -- has announced the third generation of its data and database migration product, NextForm.

NextForm v3 unlocks data in proprietary mainframe formats, Adobe and Microsoft documents, email repositories, web logs, relational databases, presentation files, and spreadsheets.  According to IRI VP David Friedland, “NextForm also frees users from legacy hardware and database vendors. Its multiple data targets -- including formatted reports -- help update systems, modernize applications, and accelerate decisions.”

NextForm is a spin-off of IRI’s flagship data manipulation package, CoSort®. NextForm runs on Windows, Linux, and other Unix hardware to migrate, replicate, federate, and report on data in flat, index, and unstructured files, database tables and spreadsheets.

NextForm ships in different configurations, all priced below $10,000:

  • Lite - a free version for migrating and replicating flat files and more than 100 data types
  • MF COBOL - adds supports for MF-ISAM and (Acucobol) Vision index file conversion
  • Database - adds support for ODBC sources and facilitates DB version/vendor migration
  • Unstructured - extracts and structures related data from .doc, .eml, .pdf, .txt, .xml, etc.
  • Premium - for managing and viewing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data

NextForm is supported in the IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse. According to IRI development engineer Jeff Simpson, “NextForm adds data conversion and replication to the transformation, masking, reporting, and test data functions already in the IRI Workbench.” NextForm features familiar wizards, and shares the same metadata as other IRI software. This allows users to “move across applications and platforms, then easily do more with that data,” Simpson added.

About IRI, The CoSort Company

Founded 1978, and represented in more than 40 cities worldwide, IRI develops high-speed software for managing and protecting big data simply and affordably -- without the need for Hadoop, multiple tools, or new hardware. In addition to NextForm, IRI products include: CoSort for data integration and staging, plus BI, DB, and ETL acceleration; FACT™ for fast database extraction and reorgs; FieldShield® for robust data masking and privacy law compliance; and, RowGen™ for creating realistic test data without production data.


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