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IRI CoSort can also dramatically accelerate the performance of other ETL tools like Pentaho. For that reason, CoSort is also embedded within other data warehouse, database, and analytic platforms, including:

  • General Dynamics (ViPs) MCSource
  • TeraStream in Korea
  • Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse
  • Lexis Nexis® Risk Solutions
  • Cincom Supra PDM

CoSort performs big, structured data transformations and speeds bulk loads in these environments. IRI Fast Extract (FACT) speeds unloads in both ETL and ELT operations. Both products use simple scripts that run from the command line. And, they are both supported in the IRI Voracity data management platform for ETL and many other high volume data movement and manipulation jobs.

The same is true for the IRI FieldShield (data masking) and RowGen (test data) products built on the same underlying data manipulation program in CoSort called SortCL. All IRI tools use the same data definition file (DDF) metadata for SortCL as well, which also easily interchanges with legacy ETL mappings via AnalytiX DS (now Erwin), MITI MIMB, or bespoke conversion programs.

Any modern data integration platform can also call IRI software from command line steps. See how easy and inexpensive upgrading your data warehousing platforms and operations can be . . .

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