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Need Application Test Data?

If you are developing applications and need the right data types, volumes, and foreign key test data for populating files, reports, or tables, check out IRI RowGen, a spin-off of CoSort. RowGen does not require production data to exist (or for you to have to subset and mask it). RowGen randomly generates huge, referentially correct test data volumes with the attributes and distributions you need to stress-test your applications. If you do need some real data in testing, RowGen has multiple random selection routines to incorporate it.

RowGen also shares the same data layout and manipulation metadata as the CoSort Sort Control Language (SortCL) program. This means you can move easily between test data generation and real data processing.

RowGen also provides API-callable test data generation libraries in an API code-named Outrigger. These library functions can create custom, synthetic data within your C, C++ or Java program.

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