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DarkShield PII searching and masking jobs configured in IRI Workbench can be run from outside IRI Workbench. You can use the new search/mask job wizards in the IRI Workbench GUI for DarkShield to export and leverage the same job specifications for execution on the command line or through the DarkShield API. Running DarkShield jobs configured in IRI Workbench externally allows those jobs to be scheduled and triggered automatically, with no need for Workbench to be open.

The DarkShield Command-Line Interface (CLI) facility can be used to run or automate DarkShield jobs from batch programs, job schedulers, CI/CD pipelines, and other applications that can make a system call. The CLI operates on the ".dsc" job configuration files produced in IRI Workbench, which are generated through the wizards in the DarkShield menu described in the three prior tabs (for File, NoSQL DB and RDB masking) in this section.

As of DarkShield V5, there are also four DarkShield RPC APIs for searching and masking data in various types of sources: base (for text), files (for documents and images), NoSQL (for NoSQL DBs), and RDB (for relational DBs). And just as you can use IRI Workbench PII searching and masking wizards for DarkShield to produce CLI job specifications, you can also export the search and mask contexts defined in Workbench wizards for use in DarkShield API calls.

The ‘Export Job Specs to API Context Files’ wizard facilitates this by writing JSON files containing those contexts to a specified target folder. Custom programs (in any language) that make DarkShield API calls can use those contexts in bespoke applications that require PII discovery and/or de-identification services.

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