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The IRI Workbench GUI, built on Eclipse™, includes a powerful metadata discovery wizard that automates the creation of accurate SortCL data definition file (.DDF) layouts. Users can visually define their field layouts and populate file and table metadata for use in SortCL and other IRI software jobs.

Data in database tables and flat files populate the discovery wizard's 'source data preview' window and .DDF field layouts automatically. Source files with fixed-position fields are defined manually; sliders set the start and end of each field in the 'source data preview' window.

As each field is added, the bottom spreadsheet view reflects the byte offset, and allows field naming and data-type attribution. A HEX view option facilitates binary data discovery and definition:

At the end of this process, a .DDF file is created for use in any SortCL-based IRI software job script.

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