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Embedded Data Processing Functions


IRI CoSort's multi-purpose SortCL tool is also available for thread-safe application calls. Calls to the sortcl_routine() library leverage the power and simpler syntax of SortCL's 4GL metadata for defining data and manipulations.

Embedding the sortcl_routine() library in your application(s) allows your program to perform and combine many accelerated big data handling functions, including:

  • Sort/Merge
  • Match/Join
  • Aggregate/Calculate
  • Filter/Scrub
  • Type-Convert
  • Encrypt/De-ID
  • Report

This API gives you access to all the data transformation, business intelligence, protection, and prototyping functions available in SortCL's data definition and manipulation syntax.

Integrating sortcl_routine() into an ETL environment allows you to source and target database tables, as well as files, pipes, and custom input/output procedures.

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