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Protect Sensitive Data

The IRI FieldShield data masking product -- as well as the SortCL program used in the IRI CoSort data manipulation package and IRI Voracity data management platform -- can protect COBOL index and sequential (flat) files containing personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI). 

Either as a separate process -- or in simultaneous combination with other activities like data transformation, cleansing, conversion, and/or reporting -- you can:

  • De-ID
  • Encrypt
  • Hash
  • Mask
  • Pseudonymize
  • Randomize

and otherwise mask data with expressions, substring logic, and custom functions to protect COBOL data at risk. See:

Solutions > Data Masking

Create Safe COBOL Test Data

The IRI RowGen test data generation product-- and of course CoSort and thus Voracity -- use the same metadata as SortCL (along with available copybooks) to produce and customize synthetic test data with the layout and data types of index and sequential files in production. See:

Solutions > Test Data

Blog > Creating COBOL Test Data in RowGen

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