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Question: Is SortCL a:

A) multi-threaded big data integration and staging program?

B) versatile data transformation, comparison, cleansing, and conversion tool?

C) custom detail, delta, and summary report generator?

D) proven alternative for mainframe sort/sum/report software?

E) robust data masking and governance option for sensitive data?

F) faster, simpler replacement for SQL, shell, ETL and 3GL jobs?

G) all of the above?


G) All of the Above

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SortCL is routinely used to:

  • Filter, integrate, and stage large data sets
  • Transform and remap data in files and tables
  • Feed data to BI tools and speed ETL tools
  • Find, cleanse, enrich, group and standardize data
  • Generate reports or populate analytic platforms
  • Detect, capture, and audit changed data
  • Migrate legacy sorts, file formats, and data types
  • Relieve application and system overhead
  • Accelerate bulk DB loads (thus reorgs and queries, too)
  • Mask and encrypt columns/fields and records/rows
  • Create test data in production formats from scratch

Case studies in the use of SortCL are in reviews of IRI CoSort; SortCL is CoSort's primary engine and UI. As such it is also the foundational program in the IRI Voracity data management platform for data mapping and transformation in: ETL operations, change data capture, data migration and replication, slowly changing dimensions, analytics, etc.

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