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IRI previously licensed more powerful CoSort plug 'n' play functions for the native sort transforms in:

  • IBM WebSphere DataStage
  • Informatica PowerCenter

However, much more powerful CoSort options now exist for consolidated sort, join, and aggregate operations in those tools. You would use the CoSort SortCL program to replace separate sort, filter, join, and aggregation steps in those ETL tools with a much faster, single-pass, multi-threaded operation which can also include data cleansing, masking, and reporting, too. See for example:

Data Integration > ETL Tool Acceleration

Blog > Data Transformation > Informatica Pushdown Optimization with CoSort

Automatic metadata converters are also available for your data descriptions in DataStage (.dsx) and Informatica (.xml). Tools like MITI's Metadata Integration Model Bridge (MIMB) can automatically produce data definitions for CoSort's SortCL program and compatible IRI products like: NextForm (data migration), FieldShield (data masking), and RowGen (test data generation). More than that,, you can also replace your ETL tool with the IRI Voracity data management platform -- powered by CoSort -- and have your existing mappings automatically converted (and tested) through erwin Code Automation Template (CAT) technology and LiteSpeed Conversion services.

For more information, see:

Data Integration> Re-platform Your ETL Operations

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